Friday, January 27, 2017

Christmas break!

Our trip was really late this year due to when school got out, so we didn't arrive until December 24th.  The kids were probably happy about that since they didn't have to wait long to open presents and eat good food!  The boys are the early birds and were ready to go way too early (mostly Khalif) and we ended up waking up Ainsley.
Christmas morning
She finally got her phone!  Grandma gave her her old 5 and she was quite excited.
Beautiful Christmas sunrise
Reggie wasn't feeling that well, so he had to skip out on sledding later that day, but the rest of us enjoyed it a lot.  He rallied for dinner and hanging out with the family, but crashed the next day.  Ainsley also got it, but not as bad, so they were down and out the first several days.  Here's some pictures of Christmas day :).

Christmas with the Wade's was at Emily's and Anthony's and we had a nice meal together.  It was good to spend some time with Dustin and his girlfriend, Autumn and meet her kids.  Not sure why we didn't do an organized group picture and for some reason I can't find any pictures with Dustin and the gang.  I will keep looking, but I'm wondering if we were just too busy trying to stay on top of the 7 kids!
Ryan got me (himself) a fancy camera for Christmas and it has taken a bit of getting used to.  I don't think the light was right in the pictures below...It would probably help if we read the instructions!

There was snow when we arrived, but then the weather got yucky and it all went away.  At the beginning of the second week, it started snowing again and we went sledding almost every day.  I'm glad the snow returned, otherwise, Reggie would have really missed out.  It was so much fun and a good workout too!

Video of grandma and Ainsley sledding!
We also spent a fair amount of time at the Rinehardt's new house.  The kids absolutely love it there!  It is very nice and bright and has a beautiful view and the kids have a great place to play downstairs :).

Ainsley painted a lot of nails over the holiday...

And mom pulled out our old coloring sheets which are quite the rage right now
I also found a game I remember playing, called HiQ.  It is a bit addicting and I got as close to winning as you can get....