Saturday, March 4, 2017


We had quite a lot of rain this winter and spring and it was a bit devastating to our trails.  The overflow areas were quite a sight to see.  What normally is 5 feet wide, was 30-40 and the water eroded so much dirt in those areas.  It is a good reminder of the power of water.  The Oroville Dam was very close failure and wiping out the town and a bunch of neighboring areas.  Thankfully, that didn't happen and they have a little time to fix all of the issues....

 The path is no longer :(

Left the house dry and got stuck in a downpour on the way home:
The good news is we are officially out of the drought!!!
Ryan and I took a break at the first part of March and enjoyed Maui.  We had a downpour the first night there and I've not seen anything like it before, but then it cleared off and we had a wonderful time.  Got a little too much sun as usual and had to fight the sun burns (more so Ryan).  We did a bunch of nothing on this trip....beach time and relaxation and a whole lot of sleep!

While we were gone, Reggie caught his first touchdown in flag football and grandma miraculously got it on video!  We didn't really do anything exciting when they came but the weather was nice enough to pull out the yard furniture and the firepit!
 We also attended the pac 12 gymnastics championships