Sunday, May 7, 2017

Mud Run

The kids did a mud run in Livermore and it was an experience for sure!  Ainsley had her gymnastics buddy, Haleigh, and Reggie and Khalif did it together.  Quite a difference between the two groups.  The girls were off to the races and really enjoyed themselves.  The obstacles were nothing like the Rugged Maniac, so I am very glad Ryan and I did not participate.  It was a good first experience for the kids, but on the milder side for sure.  Reggie had a horrible allergy attack and was a mess beforehand, but was a trooper and did it anyway.  The boys detoured much of the obstacles, not wanting to get dirty or climb (Reggie's fear of heights), but they could not avoid getting dirty on the last obstacle which was a long trench filled with mud!  Reggie took one step and lost his shoe and shortly thereafter, lost the second, so he finished in his socks.  I am very glad they all wore junk shoes!  Khalif had a very hard time with the last obstacle and thankfully, Reggie is a good big brother and helped him out....he was stuck in the mud :).  The worst part was trying to get clean afterward.  The mud was so thick and it was hard for them to get enough water spray to get clean and once they were wet, they got really cold because the wind was blowing.  None of them want to do it again, but it is an experience they won't forget.
 The obstacle the boys was a good 20 feet high
Last obstacle.....

Waiting to get clean....not too efficient

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Grandma Irene said...

the mud makes them look like statues ;o)