Monday, April 24, 2017

Cat fun

Elsa brings us presents every now and then when we're home, but almost always when we are gone. We've had giant grasshoppers, lizards, rats and birds.  This time she brought in an entire bird nest.  No bird, but feathers and bird poop.  I looked all over for the bird, but never found anything.  Lucky Ainsley was the winner....look closely at the picture.
She also got really sick right before we left for Southern California.  The timing was good because if it was a week later, she probably would have died because we wouldn't have been home.  She had some sort of infection and I noticed she didn't move from the couch for a full day (its hard to really know with cats because they sleep all the time), but something wasn't right.  She was laying with her eyes open and looked too tired to move.  I got out her favorite wet food and she got up, but could barely walk.  She ate a few bites and then collapsed.  I took her to a new vet since ours didn't have an appointment and they wanted to charge me over $700.  I looked at the line items and it was $250 to take a urine analysis, so I asked her if treatment would be different based on the results and she said no, so we took that out.  I later followed up with our vet who charges $80 for the same procedure....grrr.  It took a couple days for her to recover and we were all very relieved.  I am just hoping whatever happened doesn't repeat when we are gone this summer.  We have some friends checking on her a couple times a week and, hopefully, that will be good enough.

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